Seducing Women to Intercourse vs. Guarding Daughters from gender | ladies Chase

Hello Alek.

I observed one thing about babes Chase while the seduction area as a whole.

There seems to be a lot of intellectual bias and rational dishonesty in this room Re: “Sluts”.

See, contained in this space we show that women tend to be people just like males and must consequently end up being able to engage in intercourse freely w/o judgement.

In addition, the thought of “high body matter” is actually a low problem to all of us “lovers” unless looking for an LTR.

However, the facts reveal that “most” women can be never indeed designed for informal gender. Many high n count females either have personality disorders, records of kid punishment, bad impulse control or large intercourse drives.

By and large women barter intercourse for interactions and continual hookups for the normal chick without committment injuries their mind. This is why FWB girls occasionally have jaded and sick of unused gender.

Here is an idea, if females like-sex plenty, why cant they hold-down an FWB arrangemnt in perpetuity like men would prefer?

Chase has also countered the discussion that earlier seducers dont corrupt younger girls by screwing them young 18/19yo) because ladies have actually agency and may imagine on their own.

Yet we in addition go on to declare that women can be cute little smurfs who need direction and course. They aren’t ideal decision manufacturers specially when young.

Simply speaking these axioms there is right here seem to be rationalisations for “lovers” to be able to older women fucking girls without enduring shame.

And one method i could show this can be to request an article named “The Letter to my personal 18yo Daughter” or sth along these traces providing her suggestions about tips manouver intimate relations as she goes off to start the woman first year in university.

Are you willing to however tell your daughter that the ok to bang a smooth talking guy on the first date if she feels the vibe?

Would you however inform their that human body number is actually a social construct employed by prudes and puritans? One nightstands tend to be completely ok.

Can you however allow this lady to-be banged by older guys (30s) while in the woman first year of school because more mature guy + younger girl is an absolutely typical move to make?

I have found it tough difficult totally embody the lover archetype since it often clashes together with the patriach archetype inside me personally who thinks he may have a daughter someday.

And that I recognize that this website will not offer ladies information because it’s a mens website for MEN in this case proclaiming that might be a straightforward cop-out from addressing the disingenious character of the things we illustrate here Re: ladies and gender

Is it possible to be a lover and a patriach without having cognitive disagreement?

Trillion Money Matter.

I love this concern, and that I’d want to answer it… therefore, while it may be addressed to Alek, i would ike to weigh in with my thoughts on it too.